SAC Gods of Mythology Themed Chessmen

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Made from crushed stone, this mythological chess set is another excellent addition to our Studio Ann Carlton range. In this themed chess set we have the Greek Gods that sat upon Mount Olympus, including the all powerful Zeus as King. Next to the father of the gods is his daughter Aphrodite, the goddess of pure love and sensual lust. To have her reincarnated as the formidable queen reflects the devotion the ancient Greek world showed for this deity. The remarkable skill in which these themed chess pieces are made is reflected brilliantly in the Knight, which is shaped in the form of a Centaur. This half-man half-horse ornament differs from the traditional Staunton shape yet still upholds the equine connotations of that classic design. Closer to the Royal chess pieces is the Asklepios the Bishop, a character chosen for this role because of his nobility throughout Greek mythology. He was the son of Apollo and a god whose healing abilities often counteracted the revengeful wishes of his contemporaries. And, while these Olympian gods sit on the back row, it is apt that Pan, a deity closer to the people, is replicated as a pawn in this themed, Gods of Mythology chess set. Pan is excellently made with his recognisable horns, goat hind legs and, of course, pipes all in show. On the outer flanks, behind the Pan pawns, The Corinthian column of the Classical Order stands tall as the Rook. All of these mythological chess pieces make up one of our best selling themed chess sets here at Regency Chess, while also acting as a point of reference in quality when it comes to themed chess sets of any kind.


  • Crushed Stone Chess Pieces
  • Perfect for a 19 inch Board or Larger
  • Amazingly Detailed
  • A Perfect Gift
  • 6.25 inch King
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