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The Large Chess Pieces chess pieces are hand crafted in Indonesia – and made from prized sustainable teak. Individually made and polished, the chess pieces together form a beautifully presented chess set ideal for the home or garden.

The teak used to craft the Large Chess Pieces is amongst the finest in the world. The long process of drying and curing this exclusive wood ensures that it is exceptionally durable and water-resistant, suitable for year round outdoor use. Each piece is sculpted by the best and most talented artisans – providing you with an exclusive chess set of the highest quality.

The Large Chess pieces are the smallest of our five teak chess sets. The King stands at 20 cm tall with the Pawns measuring 10cm high each. This chess set makes the perfect addition to any room and can also be used on the lawn in the garden. The Pieces are approximately four times the size of a standard chess set, a perfect size for players of all ages and abilities. The pieces are light and easily transported.

Each Large Chess Piece also has a grooved rubber base providing extra grip, ensuring the chess board is not damaged as the game of chess is played.

Beautiful and elegant, strong and durable, these Large Teak chess pieces will provide much fun and entertainment as well as adding a touch of glamour to any room or garden.

The Large teak chess board is an optional extra for the Large chess set. Each square measures 10cm x 10cm (4 inches x 4 inches). The squares are individual teak pieces which slot together to form the board. When the Chess board and pieces are used together the set measures 80cm x 80cm (2.75inches x 2.75inches)


  • 2 Kings – 8.5cm (4″) wide, 20cm (8″) tall, 2 Queens – 8.5cm (4″) wide, 19cm (7.5″) tall
  • 4 Bishops – 7cm (3″) wide, 17cm (6.5″) tall, 4 Knights – 7cm (3″) wide, 15cm (6″) tall
  • 4 Rooks – 7.5cm (3″) wide, 12.5cm (5″) tall, 16 Pawns – 6cm (2.5″) wide, 10cm (4″) tall
  • Width is measured as the diameter of the base, and height is the distance between the base to the top of each chess piece
  • The total weight of the chess pieces in the giant chess set is approximately 5kg.
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