Gods of Mythology Mahogany Chess Set

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In this themed chess set the Olympian gods of Ancient Greece have been matched with a 21 Inch Maple and Mahogany chessboard. The mythological characters include the almighty Zeus and his daughter Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In order to house such powers the Regency Chess product team have summoned our incredible maple and mahogany series of chess boards. In this case the 21 Inch incarnation has been selected, with its excellent, Spanish-made playing surface. Starting on its back row is the bishop Asklepios, a mythological chess piece that has been excellently crafted. Next to him is the Centaur Knight, with his protruding legs and shouldered sash. The detail on all of the aforementioned chess pieces is astonishing, such is the level of skill of the craftsmen that make them. In fact, SAC have been making themed chess sets for a number of decades, perfecting the art of detailed moulding. Flanking the entire back row of the Gods of Mythology Chess Set are two elegant Corinthian columns. This castle almost holds to the classic Staunton shape, as does the half horse knight. Slightly away from that classic shape, though, is the pawn based on the mythological Pan. This chess set is another example of the fantastic work SAC do in making themed chess sets and is one of the finest in the regency chess collection.


  • 6.25 inch King Height
  • English Pieces on a Spanish Board
  • 19 inch Mahoghany Chess Board
  • Studio Anne Carlton Product
  • Extremely Detailed
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