Fischer 72 Series Combination Chess Set


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We put this design to production after receiving numerous requests to produce a credible reproduction chess set as used in the legendary Fischer v Spassky 1972 match played in Reykjavik. So here is your chance to own a superb reproduction of these wonderful chess pieces as used by the legendary grand masters Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. We have matched these special pieces with an equally special chessboard which again is similar in design to the board used in the 72 match. The board measures 19 x19 Inch with 2.1/4 inch square size. Matched beautifully with our solid mahogany hand made storage box. The chess board is branded with a logo bearing Bobby Fischer’s signature ( not actual) The pieces have embellishments pioneered by Jaques of London which include the king side stamping (see images) SPECIFICATION DETAILS KING BASE DIAMETER Height of Sovereign 3..695 Inch 1.65 Inch Weight of Sovereign 82 grams Materials Used Boxwood/Black How many Queens? 4

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