Dominoes Double 9 Tournament Set _ Solid White Dominoes with Black Pips _ Center Brass Spinner Rivets (NOT the SPINNER Game)


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Product Description

This set of double-nine dominoes features 55 solid white dominoes with recessed black dots/pips. These are tournament (jumbo) size dominoes. Tournament size are the largest commercially available size. They measure 2 3/16 inches long; 1 3/32 inch wide; 7/16 inch thick. Tournament dominoes are great for public venues like taverns, clubs, youth centers, assisted living homes where dominoes get a lot of use by a lot of players.

These Dominoes have Brass Spinners in their center. This is a slightly unusual feature favored by some serious players. The brass spinners are great for shuffling dominoes as they twist and turn during the shuffle. (NOT to be confused with a proprietary dominoe game version called Spinner Dominoes which incorporates extra specially marked dominoes.)

Dominoes store in a black, textured-vinyl, snap close case of average/mediocre quality. Similar to that of most other manufacturers.

These jumbo size dominoes generally will NOT fit dominoe trays with channels due to their thickness. We recommend open faced dominoe trays. (refer to ASIN: B004URUXV0 on Amazon).

DOMINOE LESSON: SPINNER means 2 totally different things when it comes to dominoes. It can confuse. Spinner Dominoe Game has 11 additional wild dominoes with cowboy spurs on the face of the dominoes. NOT this listing. Second meaning: SPINNERS are metal rivets in the center of the dominoe. This listing.


  • Solid White, Smooth Edge, Jumbo/Tournament Size Dominoes. (Bigger than Professional and Standard Size.)
  • Black exterior, Textured, Vinyl, snap-close storage case. Mediocre quality.
  • Double 9 Dominoes. (All double 9 dominoes sets have 55 dominoes.)
  • 2 3/16 inch long, 1 3/32″ wide, 7/16″ thick. Solid nice feeling dominoes.
  • Center Brass Spinner Rivets. Makes for easy shuffling of dominoes. Please view images to avoid any confusion.
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