Beautiful PEARL Wooden Chess Set! Burnt Ornaments on Chessboard and Chessmen! BARGAIN !!!

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Brand New Hand Crafted Wooden Chess Set PEARL 30x30cm MASTER OF TRADING ALWAYS GIVES YOU THE HIGHEST-CLASS CHESS SETS AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED IN POLAND BY THE BEST POLISH CRAFTSMEN. THE EFFORT THAT THEY PUT INTO THEIR WORK AND CREATIVITY, MAKES OUR CHESS SETS AND INTERESTING ALTERNATIVE FOR THE MODERN MASS PRODUCTION PEARL chess set is one of the most popular and best selling amateur chess sets. The chessboard is lacquered finish and has nice looking burnt lines between squares and burnt numbers. There are also burnt ornaments around the board and burnt designs on every single dark square. The dark squares and pieces are carefully stained BROWN and lacquered finish. The light squares and pieces are left plain wood and lacquered. The playing pieces are made from high-class wood. Burnt design on every single piece makes this set absolutely amazing. DIMENSIONS: The playing board measures approximately 29 cm x 29 cm x 2.25 cm when open, and approximately 35 cm x 17.5 cm x 4.5 cm when closed. APPROXIMATE HIGH OF PIECES: •KING – 6.5 cm •QUEEN – 5.5 cm •BISHOP – 4.8 cm •HORSE – 4.5 cm •ROCK – 4.0 cm •PAWN – 3.5 cm. Dear customer please check out my other items!


  • Beautiful burn design on all pieces and chessboard
  • One of the most popular amateur chess sets
  • King height 65mm
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